Privacy Policy

Thank you for your interest in, Inc. This Privacy Policy applies to your use of any website or webpage sponsored by along with the websites, networks, applications, insurance agent and representative services, online marketplaces and communication channels (telephone call centers and online chat) that we sponsor, manage or control and/or to which the Privacy Policy is linked. collects and uses personal information to enroll site users in an insurance product that the user has selected. We also provide the paywall that allows the insurer to receive payment from the covered individual, couple or family. To provide these services, we need to collect certain personal information about the user, his or her family and other legal dependents. We are committed to protecting your privacy. We do not sell user information to any third party in any form, for any reason.

This Privacy Policy describes the type of information we collect, why the information is needed and by whom, how the information is collected, how it will be used and how it will be stored.

This Privacy Policy is intended to describe our process for safeguarding your information. Questions and concerns regarding your data or our privacy practices should be sent to or you can call us at 800-279-2290.


Information we collect

The personal information we collect depends on the type of product or service you have with us. The personal information may include:

– Personal data – name, address, email address, telephone number, geolocation, logged data – IP address
– Financial information – information required to establish payment for insurance products including credit or debit card information and other banking information
– Protected Health Information – certain basic biometric information (e.g., your age, height, weight and gender) is required before we can enroll you in some health and life insurance products
– Site use – browser cookies and pixel tags (web beacons) that allow our systems to recognize your computer and identify your activity on the site. Examples include noting the pages you visit on our site and whether you have opened an email or other message we sent to you.


Why we need it

If you request information about our products and services or if you enroll in a product or register for a service, we collect the data we need to complete the enrollment or registration process for you. When you request information about or enroll or register in a product or service, by necessity you are agreeing that we can use your personal data to complete the process.



Who uses it uses your personal data to enroll you in a product or service that you have purchased and to establish the payment for that product or service. To complete this process, we share your information with the applicable insurer or provider and with the payment method (bank or credit card company) you have identified.

With your permission, we also provide user data to our business partners and to third party service providers that support so we can customize your user experience with us.



How it is collected

We collect personal data from your enrollment application and from the information you provide in response to our product and service forms. We also collect data from your use of the website.


How it is used

In addition to processing your service or product enrollment and establishing payment, analyzes user data internally to improve and optimize our websites, software and applications for our system and platform users.


How your information is not used

We do not sell our site users’ personal data to non-affiliated third parties in any form – not identified, de-identified, aggregated, unaggregated or in any other form.


How the information is stored has invested in leading-edge technology to secure all user information received on our websites. We encrypt user information with Secured Sockets Layer (SSL) technology supported with digital certificates. Our SSL technology and other security protocols provide mutual authentication, data encryption and data integrity for secure transactions for your services and products.

In addition, we use high quality firewall and network security technology to protect our internal systems from unauthorized access. We continuously evaluate our systems to ensure that we are using the best available security protocol for our sites; however, we do not guarantee that your information is 100% secure because no security system for information transmitted or stored on the Internet can ensure absolute security.


Privacy of Protected Health Information (PHI) works with health care providers and other Covered Entities to provide Telehealth services and other health insurance-related products to site users. At your request, to facilitate enrollment, we may collect and share certain basic biometric information, such as the site user’s gender, age, height and weight. We operate under a Business Associate Agreement with the Covered Entity to protect user biometric information. We do not request, receive, store, obtain or transmit clinical information regarding a site user’s health or medical history.

Business Associate Agreement – a written agreement between and a Covered Entity that describes’s privacy practices relating to PHI.
Covered Entity – a health plan, health care provider or healthcare clearinghouse that is subject to the HIPAA Privacy or Security Rule.
Protected Health Information (PHI) – all individually identifiable health information that is transmitted or maintained by a Covered Entity. Individually identifiable health information is information that is created or used for an individual in the course of providing a health care service or in relation to payment for health care services. For, PHI is basic biometric information related to Telehealth or insurance enrollment.

PHI Use and Disclosure may use PHI, like the site user’s age, gender, height and weight, for management, administration, data aggregation and legal obligations as allowed by law and by the Business Associate Agreement. We will generally use PHI to fulfill service obligations to the Covered Entity including user enrollment and payment. If PHI must be disclosed to a subcontractor or agent, the subcontractor or agent must agree to comply with the Business Associate Agreement, including implementing the same cybersecurity safeguards for the PHI. will also comply with a court order or other legal obligation to disclose PHI.
Safeguards for PHI uses high quality security safeguards to prevent the unauthorized use or disclosure of PHI. Our safeguards include industry-specific authentication and encryption tools, comprehensive firewall and network security systems and training for staff who access or manage PHI as part of their work.

We do not expect to experience an incident of unauthorized access to PHI. If unauthorized access were to occur, all affected individuals would be immediately notified and appropriate mitigation measures would be implemented.

User Access to and Control over PHI site user can access a copy of his/her PHI on request by contacting or 1-800-279-2290 . will remove a site user’s PHI on request. A request to remove PHI may limit’s ability to continue supporting the site user’s enrollment in his/her Telehealth or insurance product.

When a site user terminates enrollment in a Telehealth or insurance product, disables his/her PHI along with the rest of the site user’s enrollment and payment information on file with does not administer and is not responsible for PHI maintained by any third party.


Additional considerations websites are not intended for users who are younger than 18 years old. We do not intentionally request or require information from any user who is not 18 years old or older. offers products and provide services to individuals who reside in the United States. As a business, we do not operate outside of the United States and do not intentionally request or require information from any individual who resides outside of the United States.

You have the right, at any time, to ask us to revise, modify or delete your personal information and to receive a verification from us that the information has been revised, modified or deleted. Please contact us at to make a request to revise, modify or delete your information and receive a verification. In your email, you can designate an authorized agent to make the request and/or receive the verification on your behalf.

We do not track your online activities or knowingly allow other parties to track your online activities or collect your personal data.

You are protected by law from discrimination if you choose to exercise your privacy rights.

California residents are covered by the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (“CCPA”). If you are a California resident, please review our California Consumer Privacy Act Disclosure here.

Please email us at or you can call us at 800-279-2290 with any questions or concerns about the guidelines described in this Privacy Policy and how they apply to you.

This Privacy Policy is effective as of May 2020 and will be updated periodically as necessary. Material changes to this Privacy Policy will be provided on our websites and to site users and customers by electronic notice.