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About Us

Our objective is to create a balance with insurance products so that they are simple to understand and smart to have. InsuranceTPA.com became established in 2009, and we are a company known for its unique niche insurance products and insurance solutions.


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  • What We Do

    InsuranceTPA.com has had millions of customer interactions and enrolled over 500,000 individual products through our systems. We have built our system and evolved ways to manage insurance policy sales and delivery over the internet or telephone. We make it simple and smart.

    We currently develop and administrate the following insurance products for our partner insurance companies and associations:


    • Individual Dental Insurance
    • Vision Insurance
    • Temporary Health Insurance (Short Term Medical)
    • Comprehensive Accident Medical Insurance
    • GAP deductible insurance
    • Limited Indemnity Medical Insurance
    • Free Prescription Discount card
    • Medicare Insurance options
    • Life Insurance
    • Critical Illness Insurance
    • Funeral and Bereavement

    Our “Cirrus Suite” System Capabilities:

    • Billing administration
      • Secure Payment Processing
      • Administrate Individual Policy
      • Administrate Group Policy
      • Employer Benefit Administration
      • Application programming interface with contracting partners
      • HIPAA Compliant
      • Annual Fraud Training
      • CA fair claims Settlement Training (SIU Training)
    • Licensing
      • Third Party Administration Licensing
      • Contracted Agents Licensing
      • Broker Licensing

    InsuranceTPA.com Proprietary Administration Services:

    • 99.99% availability online Customer self-service billing administration
    • 99.99% availability online Customer self-service claims administration
    • Highly efficient claims processing
    • Real Time Provider online benefit tools
    • Real-Time data login for all parties involved
    • Quarterly Claim System Analysis (System upgraded quarterly)
    • FairHealth Usual and Customary Updates
    • Customer Service Measurable Metrics- meets and exceeds metric standards

    Why We Do It

    We are designed to help individuals, families, employer groups and associations by providing exemplary claims administration with sophisticated technology and lean on a workforce that is highly motivated to perform with superior quality standards.

    InsuranceTPA.com is dedicated to improving people’s lives through the education of insurance products. We make available to our customers the technology to enhance their knowledge and understanding of their insurance product(s).