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InsuranceTPA.com provides instant enrollment with a Telehealth Provider Partner that offers telehealth services (the “Telehealth Services”) in your region.  The terms and conditions in this InsuranceTPA.com Telehealth Enrollment Agreement and those described elsewhere on this website apply to the telehealth enrollment and payment process.

Applicant’s Request to Enroll

  1.       Electronic Enrollment Application

By submitting this electronic Enrollment Application to use the Telehealth Services provided by your InsuranceTPA.com Telehealth Provider Partner, the Applicant represents that s/he has the legal authority to complete the Enrollment Application for each enrolled individual and that the information provided in the Enrollment Application is true and correct.  The Applicant acknowledges and agrees to comply with the InsuranceTPA.com Telehealth Administration Process Terms and Conditions found here www.insurancetpa.com/telehealth-terms/ and understands and agrees to the terms of the  InsuranceTPA.com Privacy Policy www.insurancetpa.com/privacypolicy/ 

  1.       Payment Authorization

The Applicant authorizes the online telehealth enrollment administrator InsuranceTPA.com to charge the Applicant’s Payment Method in the agreed amount for the Services until the Applicant requests cancellation in writing.  The Applicant understands and agrees that five (5) calendar days’ written notice is required to end the payment authorization.  Requests to end payment authorization that occur less than five calendar (5) days from the scheduled payment date will end payment on the next scheduled payment date.  Per the InsuranceTPA.com Telehealth Administration Process Terms and Conditions, the Telehealth Provider Network may increase, decrease or otherwise adjust the cost of the Telehealth Services at its discretion with thirty (30) days’ advance electronic notice to the enrolled participant.

  1.       Cancellation

An enrolled telehealth participant  may cancel enrollment at any time by providing written notice of cancellation to InsuranceTPA.com  (email accepted at [email protected]).  Cancellation will terminate enrollment for the enrolled participant and also automatically for the spouse and each dependent who was listed on the Application and enrolled with the participant.  After cancellation, re-enrollment for any cancelled participant, spouse or dependent will be available after a 12-month waiting period has passed from the most recent date of cancellation.

  1.       Service Fee

The applicable Telehealth Provider Partner may, at its discretion, provide the Telehealth Services at a cost that is subsidized through an insurance broker to ensure a competitive price for participants.  InsuranceTPA.com may also remit a royalty to the Telehealth Provider for the Telehealth Services.

  1.       Not a Medical Provider, Not Insurance

InsuranceTPA.com is an online portal administrator that enrolls participants with the applicable Telehealth Provider Partner for the participant’s geographic location.  InsuranceTPA.com is not a medical provider and is not health insurance.  InsuranceTPA.com does not endorse any health care provider or facilitate health care.  The Telehealth Providers are subject to state regulation.  Certain Telehealth Providers may not be available in every state.  The Telehealth Providers offered through InsuranceTPA.com do not prescribe DEA controlled substances, non-therapeutic drugs or other substances that may be harmful because of their potential for abuse.

Current Price Schedule

InsuranceTPA.com is providing participant access to its Telehealth Provider Partners at no cost to the participant for two (2) consecutive months after the participant’s enrollment date.  This program is provided exclusively to individuals and families who enroll with a Telehealth Provider Partner that is offered through InsuranceTPA.com.  The discount is offered to help connect participants with medical and health services during this challenging time.  The participant’s  enrollment with the Telehealth Provider Partner will automatically continue after two (2)  consecutive months, at which time the Service fee will be directly billed to the participant ’s Payment Method for participation in the third  month and monthly thereafter subject to cancellation as described in this enrollment application and the applicable terms and conditions.